Recruitment Content Workshops to Generate Talent and Leads

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  • Are you a recruitment leader who is worried that being online is just a big distraction and prevents phone and face time?  96% of recruitment leaders want to increase the phone and face time of their recruiters
  • Are you a recruitment marketer who needs their recruiters to engage more with the brand?  72% of marketers are inconsistent, basic or limited in content marketing and 50% have no content strategy - and 86% get little buy-in from their leaders and recruiters
  • Are you a recruiter who needs to attract more talent and clients, and needs support in "getting" marketing?  88% of recruiters admit that they either waste time on content or don't see ROI and hence don't bother

We help recruiters become more successful with their digital strategies.  We help recruiters attract talent and clients with content.

UK Recruiter Blog Of The Year Agency Influencer Of The Year Barclay Jones Lisa JonesWe are proud to be UK Recruiter's Blog of the Year 2015 and Agency Influencer 2016 and work with recruiters to become influencers in their own sectors!

 Our clients tell us that we run the best Recruitment Content Workshops.  

Janine Owen Search Consultancy Barclay Jones Recruitment Content WorkshopIt was great to see that, when she pushed them, realisation dawned about how easy content could be and how essential it might be rather than just the ‘marketing’ exercise they had perhaps deemed it to be.

Janine Owen, Search Consultancy

Lisa Jones Barclay Jones Recruitment Content WorkshopsRecruitment marketing isn't about how much billable time is used to blog. That's my worst nightmare! Recruiters engaged in their niche, inspired, and working effectively with their marketing department to generate leads, attract candidates and clients means more face time, fees and profit!

Lisa Jones, Barclay Jones

Want to generate leads and talent, as well as improve the online profiles of your recruiters and brand? 

Recruitment Content Workshop Recruiter Training Barclay Jones Marketing

Recruitment Content Workshop ROI

Who should attend:  This workshop is perfect for recruiters and recruitment marketers who want to generate leads, applications and brand growth.

We deliver Content Workshops on-site or via webinar which includes:

  • Understand how to attract candidates and clients with content.
  • Source relevant and respected content for your target audiences to nurture and convert.
  • Effectively use social media to market content to attract, engage and convert.

ROI: To source, attract, convert and place. 

Recruitment Content Workshop Recruiter Training Barclay Jones

We also run Digital Strategy Workshops, and a Recruitment Marketing  for Academy for recruitment marketers.

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 Recruiter Technology Software Crm Bullhorn Bond Linkedin Ehsots Job Adverts Training With Barclay JonesWe deliver the best recruiter training workshops.  Job adverts training, Broadbean,  LinkedIn for RecruitersTwitter for RecruitersEshot and Mailshot Training, and Bond Adapt and Bullhorn Recruitment CRM training. We work with recruiters to be super effective at their desk: attract, source, convert and place.   We also help internal recruiters attract recruiters.

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