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We Deliver the Best Recruitment CRM Projects

Your Recruitment CRM Strategy is critical to the growth and profitability of your recruitment business. Poor product selection, inadequate planning and implementation will result in stress, disruption, low morale, expensive mistakes and stalled growth.

  • 87% of CRM Projects do not have clear and transparent objectives
  • 74% of internal project managers do not have any recruitment CRM project management experience
  • 63% of recruiters think their CRM project was a waste of time

Change doesn’t happen simply because you buy new recruitment software.

Data, people and processes, need managing.

We offer a tailored 4-part journey implementing systems such as Bullhorn, Bond Adapt, Access (RDB Pronet) and Microcdec Profile.

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1. Discovery

We start with a Recruitment CRM Discovery - this helps us "MOT" your current system, workflows, issues and opportunities.  We'll review your business goals, your recruitment software and your recruiting process and staff adoption.  We'll give advice on your options.

2. Stick or Twist?

Changing or Recruitment CRM is a risky strategy, especially if your teams are not using your current recruitment software.  Before you make the decision to move, we will help you assess why you should stick or make a business case for moving.  Hence "stick or twist"!

We help you decide if staying with your existing recruitment system is an option, migrate to the next version of your recruitment software, or help you select a new system.   

3. Implement your Recruitment CRM Project

Once we have the best recruitment software strategy, we help you implement the project either as a project manager, or project director (if you have an IT resource in situ).

4. Business as Usual

This is the ultimate goal!  It's not to simply buy the CRM system - you want your teams using your software, and well!

The CRM change is delivered, it's now business as usual... you'll need help bedding in the change and ensuring your business gets ROI from your recruitment CRM. 

We have a team of extremely experienced IT directors, recruitment professionals and project managers who have worked with recruitment technology since 2000 and are trusted by the recruitment sector to offer impartial and strategic advice.

They are a great team to work with and offer a balanced view and good realistic advice to any technology project.

They have contributed a huge amount to our Strategic and Operational Process and have helped to grow the business for the future.

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