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Recruitment Digital Marketing Training And MentoringDo you want to increase your convertible leads and attract the right talent to your jobs? Do you want more speedy placements and to be more profitable. Do you want to attracft more recruiters to work for you? ROI from marketing is key.  

Every recruitment marketer wants to add value and be valued, but often what they do does not offer visible ROI.

  • We coach recruitment leaders to have the right expectations of marketing. (Tweets and blogs don't place candidates - recruiters do).
  • We mentor marketers to engage with the right platforms, attract talent, clients and staff - and deliver ROI.
  • We help you create and deliver your marketing strategy to deliver your business goals.
  • We make recruitment marketers more successful

Our community of recruitment marketers love the mentoring and coaching we deliver.

The sessions improved my communication with recruiters, and drove me to hit KPIs and deliver ROI.

I've always wanted to get beyond just being "social". I now have the tools to be more focused on generating leads for my recruitment business.

This course has given me the skills and insight to think strategically about marketing our business

I would absolutely recommend Barclay Jones to other recruitment businesses – because the knowledge they have is invaluable in terms of the recruitment industry.

Want help getting ROI from marketing?

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Join our Recruitment Marketing AcademyRecruitment marketing academy Management Barclay Jones Technology Marketing

We work with recruitment marketers of all levels from Global Marketing Directors, to Marketing Executives and Co-ordinators.

We deliver tailored coaching to recruitment marketers in goals and strategy and train them to deliver with digital marketing tactics. We help them to attract, engage and convert your four key audiences: talent, clients, recruiters and investors.  Sales is key!

We work with you weekly through a blend of face to face and webinar sessions.  The program can run from 6 months to longer - it all depends upon your current skillset and your ambitions / goals.

Our digital marketing syllabus delivers topics such as lead nurturing, e-shotting and mailshotting campaigns, content planning and creation, social media best practice and engagement, internal recruitment strategy, website functionality and SEO, awards, events, Recruitment CRM, project planning and time management, case studies and testimonials, policies and procedures, metrics, reporting and ROI.

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We also run Digital Strategy Workshops to get you started on an effective Recruitment Marketing Strategy. 

Recruiters are Marketers too! (Or are they?)

For your marketing strategy to be a success, your recruiters need to have sales and marketing -related knowledge and KPIs.  Find out more about our Internal Recruitment Attraction courses, or check out our Innovative Adverts course. We also provide Twitter training and Content Strategy Workshops.

Interested in our recruitment technology offering? Find out more here, or check our Adapt and Bullhorn training courses. 

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