ROI from Recruitment Technology

We Deliver the Best Recruitment Technology Healthchecks

Your recruitment technology is key to your business growth. It has the ability to speed up recruiter effectiveness, help build relationships, create valuable assets and increase sales.

Badly implemented and poorly utilised recruitment technology has the opposite effect. It slows down recruitment process, confuses users, creates inconsistent usage and leads to an ineffective workforce.  

Upfront, direct, honest - they challenged our assumptions and made us think about our growth and strategy.

They helped us to implement a system that was simple for the salespeople using it, whilst able to deliver the complexity we needed.

Recruitment Technology ROI

We deliver a Health Check for business owners to discuss current business objectives, challenges, improvements you would like to make and recruitment technology alignment. This involves:

  1. Send TNA to users and report back
  2. Review current business objectives
  3. Review current recruitment technology
  4. Barclay _Jones _Vikram _Vector (3)Review current challenges / risks and opportunities to growth
  5. Check CRM system and assess user adoption
  6. Assess technology capability across the business
  7. Report and confirm if technology will support business growth plans
Return: Transparency of how effective your business is, engaged your workforce is and improvements you should consider to achieve ROI from your Recruitment Technology


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We have a great team of recruitment technology specialists who live and breathe recruiter effectiveness, great recruitment systems and business growth.  We run effectiveness webinars.

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