Rose Megson

Rose 1

A late adopter of technology, I have memories of playing on a Sega Master Drive when all the cool kids had a Mega Drive. Sonic the Hedgehog and Alex the Kidd!!!

Rose 2

IT wasn’t on the top of the my agenda during the school years, although somehow I attained an A* for GCSE in IT. I much preferred watching rugby league than playing on computers, although I did like the odd game of Street Fighter.

Rose 3

My tech life started in schools, working within an IT department of a large school, then moving into tech and training in a large international recruitment company as their IT Training Consultant.

Rose 4

I help recruiters become more successful using recruitment technology: Bullhorn and Bond Adapt CRM, Broadbean and LinkedIn are my specialities. I run a great Innovative Job Adverts workshop to help recruiters attract and place candidates too!

It's all about systems ROI, success and profit!

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