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10 Things to do on your Recruitment Software before 10am

Do your mornings start off in a blur? Need more coffee!?recruitment software advice

Do you think you could be a more efficient recruiter? If so check out these 10 Things to do on Your CRM before 10am.

Could you get more from your recruitment CRM? Recruitment is such a time precious and reactive environment. With so many options out there, it’s easy to get distracted and lost by 8:30, I understand! But sometimes the answers are right in front of us.

So why not start your day with some quick wins… and maybe even find some more candidates and place more vacancies? Here are 10 more top tips for getting more out of your recruitment CRM before 10am.

  1. Did you know that 1 in 4 vacancies taken go unfilled? Before running into your candidate interviews for the day, why not search your CRM for vacancies that match your candidate’s skills. Most recruitment CRMs allow you to run a find matching vacancies search from the candidate record. You might find roles that a) you didn’t know about, or b) have forgotten about. Come on, increase that vacancy placement ratio as any improvement is better than nothing!
  2. Check your saved candidate searches for newly added candidates. Some recruitment CRMs will even automatically do this for you and email you the results – a bit like your very own google alerts.
  3. Check your tasks. What candidate calls, Business Development calls and other action points do you need to fit into your action-packed day? You can’t remember everything, we’re not elephants, just time-starved, uber-busy recruiters.
  4. Hotlists or saved lists are a great way of setting aside top talent or Business Development contacts. Review them daily and add to them so you can react quickly to new vacancies or quickly market out candidates to your clients.
  5. Parse CVs onto the database rather than leaving them in your Inbox. You can’t keyword search them in your email inbox!!! Get them on your recruitment CRM so you can.
  6. Link or shortlist candidates to roles when you add them to the system. This allows you to work your vacancy faster from a central area of your recruitment CRM.
  7. Adding a new vacancy? Run a matching candidate search from the vacancy record. The first place you should look for candidates is always your CRM. The right candidate might just be on there!
  8. Check your activity dashboards or run a report on the progression of the vacancy cycle – do you need to chase any CV sends or interviews which have gone quiet? Beware of back door placements. Team managers check where your consultants are in regards to their targets, identify training needs and obtain data for performance management.
  9. Contract recruiters – check dashboards and reports to see which contractors or temps are coming to the end of their assignment. They might need extending, or maybe they are looking for a new role. Keep your candidates in a job and prevent other agencies taking the candidate.
  10. Just got a new role which sounds familiar? Deja vu! Check your shortlist area or run a search on a previously placed job to get a list of candidates who were previously in the running. The right candidate could be in there.

So there are my top ten ideas, even if you only start with a few, you could get some results. I’d love to know which works the best for you.

(Thanks to UK Recruiter for publishing this blog)

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