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Using Data, GDPR and CRM to Boost your Strategies in 2018

We were delighted to be asked to not only speak at the Bullhorn Live Conference about our CRMFirst approach, but also bring our team to be “chief note takers” for the Bullhorn Live event.

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This involved Lisa, Rhiannon and myself attending every session and taking notes of the speakers. These ranged from GDPR, product innovations and CRM, to driving productivity, how to stop annoying candidates and using data to improve your hiring strategies. This was a chance to show off our multi-tasking and content skills – resulting in the day one and two roundup blogs below – and a preview of our CRMFirst strategy.

Plus, you’ll see some more content coming from this event via ours and Bullhorn’s blogs very soon. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to keep updated on our recruitment news.

Bullhorn Live: Day One

  • Threats and Opportunities to Recruitment Companies-3 Questions to Ask Yourself
  • Executive Panel: Growth in the New Relationship Economy
  • Relationship with Data: Mythbusting GDPR and Compliance
  • CEO Fireside Chat
  • Vision for Innovation
  • Recruitment Economy Trends Discussion
  • Power of Me: Why Diversity Is Essential in Recruitment

Click here to read the Bullhorn Live day one recap!

Bullhorn Live: Day Two

  • Leveraging Recruitment Technology to Drive Your Productivity
  • Ways You’re Annoying Your Candidates
  • How to Build a Truly Data-Driven Recruitment Company
  • Running a CRMFirst Strategy
  • Digging into Data to Create Hiring Strategies that Work
  • Extending Your Bullhorn Investment: Leveraging Technical Innovation for Competitive Advantage
  • Prioritising Operational Improvement to Drive Business Growth
  • Innovation Throwdown

Click here to read the Bullhorn Live day two recap!

Running a CRMFirst Strategy

Lisa ran a popular session delivering our CRMFirst strategy at Bullhorn Live.

Review from Bullhorn Engage 2018

The New Relationship Economy, GDPR, recruiting innovation, and business growth: your recruitment CRM should tackle all of these.

She revealed the impact of a CRMFirst strategy and some practical tips on how to implement it, whilst future-proofing for the latest trends, legislation, and increased competition.

Why CRMFirst?

90 percent of recruitment leaders we polled last year told us that they expected their recruitment CRM to be the first port of call. Then their staff admitted that this was not the case. In fact, only 17 percent of recruiters admitted that they respected their CRM enough to search it first.

Why is this happening when it is assumed that your recruitment CRM is a critical piece of technology?

And it’s a significant spend; there is clearly a disparity!

“What are consultants doing instead?” I asked the audience, “How are they sourcing and where do they spend their time?”

The audience responses?

  • LinkedIn
  • Job Boards
  • Spreadsheets
  • Social Media
  • Writing down everything in their notepads!

An effective CRM with great data is vital to business growth – and your recruiters are key for this. Great training, KPIs, and incentives will ensure that your recruiters are engaged and using your CRM properly. This helps them generate more ROI, for themselves and for the business!

How Does this Impact Recruitment Businesses?

There are three reasons to have an effective recruitment CRM

  1. Relationship economy is NOW – and you need the tools to keep up
  2. GDPR is coming – and you need your data to be excellent (and legal!)
  3. A viable and relevant USP is critical – do you have a database that has candidates relevant to your company? And your clients?

Relationship Economy is Now!

There is a fundamental shift in the nature of B2B relationships… and candidates and clients are not as loyal as you think, and your recruiters are not as loyal as you think. Having the right tool in your recruitment business to help you build, maintain and grow relationships is crucial in today’s economy.

GDPR is Coming and it’s Good!

Security is important, you need to consider where your data is, who has access and how transportable (and pinchable is it?).

“CRMFirst and great marketing is the antidote to GDPR.” Lisa Jones

Use GDPR as an excuse to look at the data and processes within your business, ensuring that it’s up to date (and up to scratch!), and then create an excellent recruitment marketing strategy that will feed your database.

“The goal isn’t just to create a clean database of candidates,” I explained. “It’s to create a community of engaged talent that is happy and willing to answer your phone call.”

CRM as a USP

Think about your CRM as a Unique Selling Point… how relevant is the data on your CRM, what data are you capturing, how are you using the data to help your sales funnel?

Great data should be putting you ahead of your competition and creating a hidden asset that your clients (and prospective clients!) want access to.

No recruitment leader buys a recruitment CRM to simply dump data and then create an admin team to manage it, and an IT team to store it, a recruitment team to ignore it… and then have finance and marketers working from other data…

Your recruitment CRM should be a USP – a unique selling point. Your recruitment software can be an addiction for your recruiters, your clients, candidates, and investors. All of which does the one job you bought it for – to make you more money.

Ready to grow your recruitment business with a CRMFirst strategy?

Click here to find out more about CRMFirst

(Bullhorn Live is becoming Bullhorn Engage for 2018 – more info here!)

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