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6 Biggest Problems for Recruitment Leaders (and How to Solve Them)

Yet again the UK Recruiter Recruitment Technology and Social Media Conference was crammed full of great recruitment technology suppliers – all speed pitching their systems to help recruitment businesses… recruit! (And spend their budgets!)

My marketer, Rhiannon, tasked me with asking one question to everyone I spoke with. It’s always a frantic day as there’s so much to do / see / hear, but I managed to speak to a number of really switched on marketers, IT leaders and recruitment leaders and asked them:

What is the biggest challenge you want to fix by “turkey time” 2016?

Here are some of the answers:

“I want the confidence to change my CRM

(then they whispered the name which is…   nope not going there!) This was a regular statement made throughout my chats. Recruitment leaders knowing that they need to do it, but not wanting to do it.

The above smacks of a lack of time, and likely bad experiences of recruitment tech which leads to the mantra “better the devil you know”.  Trust me – if your tech is more than 3 years old, and not SAAS (ie. not regularly updated) you really need to get jiggy with it and start to research your options. Your clients, talent, recruiters and potential investors research their options every day – and you hate them for it.  Take control of your business.

“I want my tech to talk to each other.”

It’s safe to say that the recruitment sector deserves better tech – we’re getting there but I think we have a long way to go (but then so does banking and healthcare!)


“I want my recruiters to do something with the leads I give them”

Yep – stopping cold calling for 5 mins to deal with the people which have downloaded your content or viewed your web – that’s a tall order for recruiters! (!!??)


“I want to reduce admin in my sales process”.

Could this be a mix of what is perceived as “admin” or the fact that the system this person uses is a really administrative “takes 5 days to train it” system?


“I want to protect my fees”

Better digital presence, more interesting conversations, best in class tech – all necessary for the above – as well as more confidence and assertiveness.  Time to play more chicken with your clients?


“I want to have better messaging to disrupt my clients long enough for them to read on”

…in other words, content to “cut through the crap”.  Yep – white noise dominates your ability to be heard by your clients.  Improve your adverts, your overall messaging, bin the USP and make statements that are not about you, but about the people who you want to read them.  There’s plenty of content out there (400 hours of video uploaded onto YouTube and 55,555 Instagrams per minute – that’s plenty).

What’s your plan for 2016?

What are you going to do? Ignore your issues or get them fixed ready for a “Happy New Year” in 2017?

What do you think?

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