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7 Reasons Why Recruitment Leaders Need to Focus on Clean Data

data first CRMFirstI reviewed in my last blog why recruiters often have dirty data and what it can lead to. It’s obvious to me that recruiters need to get a handle on their data. The prevalence of LinkedIn, and other data sources which clients have access to, has disrupted the recruitment space and conversations about ownership of talent and the process are getting in the way of relationships and workflows.

A Better, and More Future-Proofed Strategy

Having a quality data strategy is a must for every recruitment business.  Recruiters benefit from the following:

  1. Sending targeted E-shots and advertising good quality clients quickly – A must for every contingency recruiter and a great way to generate vacancy leads.
  2. Source candidates quicker – The single most import part of any recruiters job
  3. Reduce risk across your business – Providing management (and the consultant) with good quality MI and ultimately an understanding of the pipeline
  4. Increase collaboration amongst consultants. Which should increase no of placements. Sharing data is by far the better way to work. Results show that teams who work together are more successful in making more placements.
  5. Spot trends in recruitment – everyone wants to be riding the crest of the wave and be the 1st into a new market. Management’s responsibility is to help show them what Industry sectors and roles should be spending their valuable new business development time on.
  6. Build better relationships – The whole point of a CRM is to understand your candidates and clients better, sound more knowledgeable than your competitors and offer a quality service. If everyone is doing something different, what does this say to your client?
  7. Activity Now = Activity Later – To borrow a phrase from a current client, the CRM system should help drive the activity of the recruitment business, which we all know Activity = £.

Instilling a culture of data quality is challenging, but highly rewarding. It is management’s responsibility to define the strategy, install this into the culture and rigorously monitor. Consultants don’t like losing out on commissions so remember the most chilling phrase for any recruitment consultant to hear is

“If it isn’t on the system, it never happened”!!!

(Thanks to APSCo for originally publishing this blog)

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