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It’s Barclay Jones’ 9th Birthday!


Another year has passed in the Barclay Jones camp. When you’re a business owner your business anniversary creates all sorts of emotions…

Every year I look back reminisce. It’s been another mad year in recruitment.

  • GDPR / Trump / Brexit / Google Hire / Nutella having less hazelnuts… supposedly we’re doomed!
  • Disruption is starting to feel a bit yesterday
  • Everyone is talking about AI being future whilst shouting at their recruiters to “get on the phone” – irony!
  • Training has become sexy again. Thank goodness as I was beginning to think the world had gone mad!

Has your year raced like mine?  So much has happened within Barclay jones, and in the recruitment industry…

9 Years of Barclay Jones

So – 9 years… 9 things

  1. My 9-year-old son is… 9! I still remember being sat in Printing.com Nov 2008 with him as a 6-month old gurgling at the designer and me saying “design whatever you want… but no pink!”
  2. We published our Recruitment Awards ROI Toolkit and then decided to put ourselves through the “stress” of entering an award. It started out as an experiment, and turned into a passionate and WINNING journey. (Normality will never be restored!)
  3. I ran my first fell run and have decided that it is my new favourite hobby… It’s pretty much like working with recruiters – muddy, fraught with danger and excitement, getting to the summit creates elation… and you need to watch out for the wildlife!
  4. Barclay Jones celebrates its anniversary on armistice day – auspicious!
  5. We are working on a KPIs ebook – more to follow
  6. We discovered that training recruiters is only 10% of what’s needed… more to follow!
  7. We created the mantra “CRMFirst” – it’s sweeping the (recruitment) nation
  8. GDPR – we created a number of analogies – my favourite – “grinding down perfect recruiters”. And don’t be fooled – we think GDPR is AWESOME!
  9. Oh… and we took the bull by the horns (or the web by the code) and launched a new website…

It’s been a great year for Barclay Jones. More happy clients – more goals and strategies and less crazy box-ticking tactics.

Let’s “lock and load” for 2018.

What do you think?

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