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9 Tips for Winning a Recruitment Award

Recruitment Leaders and their Marketers want to inject more value into their staffing companies, and they need more content to help their recruiters convert leads into opportunities.  Winning an award can increase the value of your business by 37%.  Here are some tips and hacks to help you form a winning recruitment awards entry.

Time to Get Judgemental with Recruiters!

Anyone who has met me will probably know that I am a lady of passion! Dare I say a passionate recruitment advocate…?

I am also a judge for some of the best recruitment awards. Last year my experience of recruiting awards led my team and I to create a valuable recruiter resource; a Recruitment Awards Toolkit full of practical tips to help you win over the judges, increase your sales by at least 37%, attract staff, candidates and clients – compelling reasons!

I went to the lovely REC offices and sat with 20 other recruitment specialists to begin the judging process the Recruitment International awards. Five hours in a room with a lot of paper, coffee and sugar!

I really enjoyed the vibe the in room and noted down some of the things I heard… This will give you a flavour of why you:

  1. Need to take your recruitment awards submissions seriously
  2. Think more highly of yourselves and enter some
  3. Download our Recruitment Awards Toolkit to help you win!

Quotes from the Judging Panel of the Recruitment International Awards

“I like the way they’ve structured this – it makes it easier to read”

“This has caught my attention”

“The client testimonial is anonymous!”

“Where are the financials?”

“This is different and interesting”

“This is difficult to read.”

“Nice and succinct case study”

“Did anyone actually proof read this?”

“Paying the minimum wage – when did this become award-winning?”

“I like the way they seem to be really proud of what they’ve done”

“There’s quite a lot here that you would hope that everyone does…”

“I like how they have got their internal customers testifying”

“This one is really personal – I like how they are telling me about the individuals in the business”

Key Recruitment Awards Tips

This all got me scribbling about some key rules for recruitment award submissions:

  1. Don’t use only 800 words when you are given 1000 words, UNLESS you totally nail it
  2. Don’t use the word “evidence” and not supply data to support it.
  3. You’ve sent lots of links in your submissions?  I’ve yet to find paper that clever.
  4. Be passionate and real – and talk about the people who make up your business.
  5. Talking about your social media engagement as a facet for how great you are?  Hmm… I’m not convinced until I see the impact of that engagement!
  6. No formatting makes for a long read and a frustrated judge
  7. Going over the word count?  That’s a no-no, UNLESS you dazzle us!
  8. Not providing your financials when the submission doc demands them? Silly!
  9. You tell me that you hire quickly but offer no data to support this – how quickly? And how does this compare to the market?

The One Recruitment Award Everyone Wants to Win but Are Afraid to Enter!

And a final note – there are only FOUR recruiters in the country who feel that they can go for the award called “Best Candidate Service” – surely this is the ONE award every recruiter wants to win?  You all tell me that candidate attraction and loyalty is a major frustration for you.

Recruitment Awards can be the key to your sales pipeline, candidate, client and recruiter (and investor) attraction.

I’m really looking forward to seeing who the other judges have shortlisted – and of course the #RIAwards event at the Guildhall on 2nd November. I hope to see you there!

To book your place to attend RI’s 2017 Awards, head to their Eventbrite page.

Want to see ROI from recruitment awards?

Download our Recruitment Awards ROI Toolkit

Thanks to Recruitment International for posting!

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