Could Apprentices Be the Key to Recruitment Agency Staffing?


Recruitment leaders need more convertible leads, placeable talent and more staff – so that they can grow their recruitment and staffing companies – Apprentices may be the answer. This podcast is a speedy “must-listen”.

I am a busy lady – anyone who works with me knows that I milk every second out of every day. Also, I am a consultant, so it’s natural for me to forget about my own business, and focus on that of my clients… this means that I can sometimes ignore my own business’ needs.

As a small business leader, I have little time to spend on my business (!) and that, coupled with the fact that I feel that no-one can help me, means occasionally I need a butt kick!

At the beginning of this year, my business partner looked me in the eye and persuaded me to drop my ego and really look at what help I needed to deliver my role. Literally that day, I got a call from an apprenticeship training company… and now I have a fully-trained apprentice, giving me massive support in sourcing leads, cleaning data, delivering market research – and that’s just the beginning.

I’ve recorded this recruitment leaders’ podcast with Charlotte Clark (APSCo’s Head of Talent Development) to deliver some takeaways in 20 minutes which could really help you focus your attention on fixing some key issues in your recruitment business.

You’re a recruitment leader who needs more candidates, clients, and colleagues (staff). APSCo talked about:

  • What are the practical elements of having an apprentice in your recruitment business?

  • Do apprentices need to be new staff? Or can you upskill your existing team?

  • What can apprentices actually do for a recruitment business – what impact will they have?

  • What apprenticeship qualifications does APSCo offer to recruitment and staffing companies?

  • What is NOT an apprenticeship in recruitment?

  • How much does an apprentice cost? And are they free?

  • What is the apprenticeship levy and as a recruiter are you paying in and not getting any ROI?

  • How does a recruitment leader get an apprentice into their business?

  • What roles can an apprentice deliver?

  • How long does it take to get them “ready”?

The answers to all of the questions above will make you really think about this “no-brainer” – and also tap into what you are likely to have already given the government as part of your “levy”.

already given the government as part of your “levy”.

Listen to this Recruitment Leaders' Podcast.

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