How to Lose a Recruitment Award


Recruitment Leaders and their Marketers want to grow headcount, pipeline, profit. Your brand helps you sell. You often need support to help your recruiters convert leads into opportunities.  Winning a recruitment award can increase the value of your business by 37%.  Here are some tips and hacks to help you form a winning recruitment awards entry.

How to Lose a Recruitment Award (and of Course, How to Win a Recruitment Award)

We love recruitment awards events (attending and potentially winning!) and want recruitment leaders to get real value from them too.As part of my Recruitment Leaders podcast series I spoke with Teri Etherington, from Recruitment International. Teri has nearly 20 years experience in and around the recruitment industry, working with well established and start-up recruiters and suppliers to provide valuable insight into the world of UK recruitment.

We talked about:

  • What is the key to winning a recruitment award?

  • Which awards should you enter?

  • What are the key, stupid mistakes that many recruitment teams make when they enter awards?

  • Why is it that so many “go getter” recruitment leaders fail to win awards? What an irony!

  • How to plan for an award entry – and ultimately win.

This is a great listen for recruitment leaders and marketers who are keen to grow their recruitment businesses and understand how important awards are in their strategy. for the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues and cash.

Listen to the podcast below.

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Recruitment Awards can be the key to your sales pipeline, candidate, client and recruiter (and investor) attraction.Check our Recruitment Awards list - it has the key awards in our sector and the dates / links to their pages.

Read more about how my training and mentoring program for recruitment marketeers. I work with Recruitment Leaders and their marketers to generate the 4Cs (candidates, clients, colleague and cash) and I include Recruitment Awards in my marketing strategy hacks and consultancy.

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