5 Ways to Increase Candidates, Clients and Profit With Your Recruitment CRM


Your recruitment CRM should be the engine of your recruitment business, and for it to be effective it needs the best fuel. This is a free webinar for recruitment leaders who want more of the 4Cs – candidates, clients, consultants and cash!

Our clients tell us that they want ROI from their recruitment technology, better management information and engaged, effective recruiters making profitable placements.

Retain the Best Recruiters, Create a USP, Generate the 4Cs!

Barclay Jones and Bullhorn joined forces to show recruitment leaders how they can protect their business from bad data, poor processes, whilst retaining the best recruiters, generating the 4Cs, and creating a USP for their recruitment business. (This is not a Bullhorn-specific webinar, so even if you have Adapt, RDB etc... this is a must-watch webinar.)

This year is about CRMFirst, but it also needs to be about data hygiene, recruiters building effective, retained relationships and recruitment firms focusing on growth, not just legislation.

Andy Ingham and I talked about :

  • How you can fuel your Recruitment CRM to generate a CRMFirst culture.

  • How to define a CRMFirst strategy for your recruitment business – and make it work.

  • How you can keep your recruitment consultants engaged (and trained) with the technology you’ve invested in so they don’t necessarily need extra technologies to source and place.

  • Why data is the new oil, and how it can create more candidates, clients and consultants for your business.

  • How you can ultimately make more money for your recruitment business using the data you already have.

Watch the Bullhorn webinar below.

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