Bullhorn Hack - Use Submissions to Get the Best Candidates First and Speed Up Time to Placement


You’re a busy recruitment consultant, who has Bullhorn CRM, and you need to get to your ideal candidate fast. I want to tell you about a great Bullhorn feature which will build relationships and market your candidates to the right people. And the best thing is… Bullhorn does all this automatically for you. Get the best candidates first and speed up time to placement without lifting a finger!

Get to Your Ideal Candidates, Fast

Watch this one minute Bullhorn Hack Video to discover how to:

  1. Quickly access your ideal candidates in your Bullhorn CRM – save time!

  2. Easily maintain long-term relationships with great candidates – retain!

  3. Use filters to find similar roles – place more jobs!

  4. Keep a record of and easily access important data – speed is critical!

​Watch the video below.

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