A Recruitment Award for your Blog? Yes Please, UK Recruiter!


Recruitment leaders and marketers who want to scale and grow their businesses next year, and have invested their time and passion into their content, need to listen to this 15 minute Recruitment Leaders Podcast.

I was delighted to talk to Louise Triance from the very popular and passionate recruitment UK Recruiter.

She is in her 11thyear and has setup the UK Recruiter Blog Awards to champion great content in the Recruitment sector.

Awardsare something very close to my heart – they help massively with sales pipelines, share value and recruitment strategy – as well as give the company a psychological boost.  We won APSCo Affiliate of the Year, UK Recruiter Blog of the Year and Influencer of the Year and so know the impact it can have.

Could You Win a Recruitment Award?

Recruitment Awards are not simply about “Best CSR” “Best Company to Work for £40+million” – they can be, and should be, about what you need to excel at.  As a judge on four Recruitment Awards, I see entries who boast great stories, rapid growth, innovation… but what about the thing recruiters need to absolutely nail…?

Why is UK Recruiter Giving a Damn About Content?

Content, whether it’s on your blog, in your LinkedIn profile, in your phone conversations – is a critical element of your recruitment workflow.  Sourcing has become a defence mechanism for your clients (and candidates) and so attraction strategies are crucial for you.  Content is the driver of this.  Louise is recognising the power of content, not just to drive traffic, but to attract and engage your ideal (what we call) 3Cs – candidates, clients colleagues.

I talked to Louise Triance, passionate CEO of UK Recruiter, about:

  • Why do these awards exist?

  • Who should be applying for these recruitment awards?

  • What is the nomination process?

  • What are the judges going to be looking for with this “blogging” award?

  • What is the benefit of one of these awards?

Listen to the podcast below.

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I train and mentor recruitment marketers to deliver the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues, and cash! As part of that mentoring, I work with marketers on their Recruitment Awards Strategy.

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