Is your Recruitment CRM Akin to “Sales-Prevention” Software?


Every recruitment leader and IT leader in recruitment wants their CRM and recruitment software to deliver real value into the business.  But often, when my team and I begin working with a recruitment business, we find that the system seems to be the “sales-prevention-software” and thus an expense rather than an investment.

This Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast will give you ideas on how to reverse this problem, and turn your recruitment software into a key recruitment business enabler.

How Can You Make Your Recruitment CRM (at Least) Cost Neutral?

In this episode of my podcast, I spoke to James Payne, of Erecruit, about:

  • We all know what our recruitment software costs… or at least how much cash we give the supplier, but how do we know that it’s working? And what does “working” even mean?

  • Uptime? Creating loads of admin for busy sales people? Creating a great datadump of candidates that recruiters won’t have time to source from, so go “off-piste” on to LinkedIn instead of being on the phone.  Of course not, recruitment leaders!

  • How do you know that your system is not working for you? And by working, we mean delivering what your business needs, not just a database to host GDPR compliant data?

  • Which 3 barriers to changing recruitment CRM should you ignore or further research?

  • What are the opportunity costs of not moving from one recruitment software to another?

  • How to lose clients by not moving your technology forward

  • How is your CRM actually restricting your more experienced (and high value) recruiters?

  • How can you use recruitment tech to retain your staff? Recruiter churn is embarrassingly high in a sector which professes to be able to recruit

  • Do we have too much data?

And a great question… How can you make your Recruitment CRM cost neutral?

Listen to the podcast below.

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