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Recruitment leaders, recruiters and marketers who need more candidates, clients, and need to be more competitive, need to watch this free webinar.  My team and I were invited to talk about the best way to advertise jobs and Google for Jobs– which is a game changer.

Recruiters and their marketers can watch the recorded webinar here:

As an APSCo Affiliate of the Year, (yes, I’m plugging our award!) we were delighted to do a “Live from Leeds” on 14 January – we be talked about…

The Best Job Adverts and Google for Jobs – for Passive Candidate Attraction, BD, and Competitor Spying

Job adverts continue to be an under invested in process for recruiters – and this ultimately affects the application quality.  It goes without saying that if you write a job spec, you’ll get a CV back – and CVs are not always an indication of aptitude or attitude! (or fit!)  Plus – how can you use Adverts to attract PASSIVE clients, candidates and colleagues?

Plus, Google has put job adverts on everyone’s agenda, so 2019 is the year finally crack this critical recruiter content asset.

Google for Jobs has been introduced, first and foremost, to improve the candidate experience and make it easier to find the right jobs in less time.

But what about Recruiter experience?  How can you use Google for Jobs to your advantage?

Firstly, GFJ affects how you post your job adverts, which candidates get to see them and whether you even get any relevant applicants.

Every recruiter needs the right candidates to apply!

Secondly, how about using Google for Jobs for lead generation?

Every recruiter needs more of the right clients.

Thirdly, how about getting a handle on your competitors?

Every recruiter needs to be able to spy! We run fantastic “Best Job Adverts Workshops” as part of our Recruiter Success Training– and we will show you some Google for Jobs hacks during this APSCo webinar.

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