Adapt Smackdown 1: 4 Adapt Hacks to Manage your Recruitment Desk


Recruiters who have Adapt Recruitment CRM will want to watch this webinar. There’s some fantastic hacks to help you work faster, place quicker –  and overall manage your recruitment desk more effectively.

Recruiters! What Do you Need this Year?

There are lots of things recruiters need in 2019! (and they include what we call the 3Cs.)

  1. More candidates

  2. More clients

  3. More colleagues!

You need more time! Less hassle! A happy boss!

Oh! And more fees!

2019 Needs to Be One Big Recruiting HACK!

If you have Adapt CRM you need to watch recruitment hacks this webinar.

We have the best 2 Adapt Trainers in the UK having a “smackdown” with a goal of giving you some quick hacks to help you with your 3Cs (candidates, clients and colleagues) and creating more time to bill!

Get in touch if using Adapt Recruitment CRM more effectively in 2019 is a key goal.  We love working with recruiters to create an AdaptFirst culture and we deliver the best Adapt Training discoveries and the best Adapt Training. People + Process + Training = ROI and healthy, fit recruitment businesses!

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