Recruiters! Do You Have Too Much Data and Not Enough Information?


Every recruitment leader, marketer and IT leader wants their recruitment data and CRM to be of value and ideally monetised. But often, when my team and I begin working with a recruitment business on their CRMFirst projects, we find even though GDPR made you look at your data, and delete it / clean, many recruiters still suffer from what we call “too much data, not enough information”.

This Recruitment Leaders’ podcast will give you ideas on how to reverse this recruitment data issue, and turn your recruitment software into a key recruitment business enabler.  Plus, it points to an ebook from Adapt about Taming Your Recruitment Big Data.

How Can I Use Data to Run My Desk and Make More Money in 2019?

In this episode of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast, I spoke to Mark Hodgkinson, of Erecruit, about:

  • How can I use data to run my desk and make more money in 2019?

  • If 65% of the population are visual learners, but the majority of recruiters are not yet “jiggy” with dashboard reporting – rather they are simply drowning in data – what needs to change?

  • How can data make a recruiter more effective?

  • If 2/3 of the UK workforce who quit their jobs in 2018 quoted “not enough training”, what do recruiters need to do in 2019 to prevent the average 25% churn? And what does that figure actually tell us about the average recruitment business who suffer churn… and if 25% churn means 100 staff – 25 leavers – 16.5 people leave because of not enough training… who knows what the people who stay think… and how effective they are?

  • Do we have too much data?

  • Most recruiters have KPIs, or least a best practice model – how do we get “data” on the agenda?

  • If 55% of your workforce will be under 36 by 2020 – and these people are classed as “digital natives” – what does this actually mean for your business?

  • What does Mark want every recruitment leader to “crack” this year (and how does he think they should do it?)?

And a great question… How do we get recruiters to respect data, keep it clean, and make money from it?

Listen to the podcast below.

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