Recruitment Award Hacks, Passive Talent Tips, and Recruitment Websites – A Podcast with It All!


Winning a recruitment award, having a website to drive your 3Cs (candidates, clients, colleagues) is a key goal for recruiters, their leaders and their marketers this year.  I’m delighted to be talking to Stephen O’Donnell.  He has had such a relevant and varied career in recruitment, the content of this podcast has something to offer all levels of recruitment.

This podcast will give you some tips on how to make your website award-winning, as well as tackling many other topics such as how to get the right candidates to apply for your jobs.

Recruitment Award Hacks, Passive Talent Tips, and Websites

During this Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast we discussed:

  • Which 3 things MUST a recruitment website be able to do in 2019

  • Want to win a NORA? What do you need to do? What do the judges look for?

  • Why go for an online recruitment award – what is the point?

  • What is the point of a recruitment website in 2019? What is the ROI?

  • What is the one thing that a recruitment marketer can afford to “throw out” before the new year?

  • What do recruitment websites need to stop doing?

  • Any “best job advert” tips?

  • What does passive talent want?

  • Any thoughts on how to get super-passive candidates to apply for your job?

Stephen gave some hacks about what to do if you win an award – ie. How to generate more fees / candidates etc…

Stephen and I disagreed about whether a recruitment website should candidate or client-centric… another podcast for another day?

Listen to the podcast below.

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