Recruiters! Is This Why You Suffer from Too Many Jobs and Not Enough Candidates?


With the average UK Recruiter only placing 2 out of every 10 jobs they have, recruitment leaders confused as to why technology is not driving more profit, and marketers trying to add real value to the recruitment process, it’s clear that recruitment workflow is not as simple as it was in the early 2000s.

This episode of my Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast can really help all 3 jobs within a recruitment agency tackle the so-called candidate shortage.

Is This the Fix for the Candidate Shortage?

If we know anything about recruitment workflow, we know that it has become more complex due to “too many systems, not enough process” and “too much data, not enough information” – and this has led to the worst…

Too Many Jobs, Not Enough Placements

I feel the myths around the “candidate shortage” – or what I call the “interested candidate shortage” need to be tackled head on!

The content of your database whether it be the likes of Bullhorn,Adapt etc..… relies on the content of what comes out of a recruiter’s mouth, goes into their LinkedIn profiles, their job adverts, and what their marketers post online.  It could be said that the path of data to your Recruitment CRM is littered with good intentions!  (But good intentions never made a placement!)

Your Content Fuels Your Placements, Recruiters!

Content has become a big buzz word in recruitment marketing.  The marketing mentoringI deliver focuses on content as the “fuel” for your recruitment marketing engine – and coupled with SEO, this can turbo boost your candidate, client and colleague attraction and conversion, as well as, if done properly, create less of a need for content.

The people at Paiger (formerly ContentApp)have joined me on my Recruitment Leaders Podcast to talk about content fuelling placements (and hence profit!).  Darren and Rohit (ex the mighty Broadbean) have created Paiger to help recruitment business drive growth through effective recruitment workflows driven by content.

We talked about:

  1. There’s a lot of talk about personal brand – and to be fair it can often be a little too fluffy for the average recruiter (and a risk for their leaders). What do recruiters and their leaders need to think about when it comes to a recruiter’s’ personal brand?

  2. What is the one hack every recruiter can adopt to do improve their personal brand in 2019?

  3. How can we fix the “candidate loyalty” problem that many recruiters suffer?

  4. What practical hacks do we need to really leapfrog our competitors?

  5. How can you get your recruiters to engage with your own content?

  6. What is the ultimate hack to get your candidates and clients to engage with your content – this driving leads and opps?

  7. Let’s say “I’m a recruiter and I have no real idea about my market, how on earth can I find content to share?”

  8. What can recruiters do with content in just 5 minutes a day to generate more placements?

  9. Why do I feel that recruiters writing blogs is not a good use of time?

  10. What has sex got to do with content?

  11. Why has it become normal for recruitment and engaging candidates to be difficult and painful? And what do we need to do to fix this issue?​

Listen to the podcast below.

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