Recruiter Cyber Security with Francis West, Westtek


Recruitment leaders know now more than ever that with the rise of the internet, their recruiters have become addicted to data and systems. You want to monetise your CRM and recruitment data, but it’s so under threat!

Every 4 seconds there is a new version of ransomware created… (Software which spies on you and steals things!) These attacks will not be restricted to big corporations or public sector bodies.

This podcast is a “must-listen” if you want to protect, not just grow, your recruitment business.

Cyber Security: What is the Biggest Risk to a Recruiter?

Did you know that 4000 internet ready devices are connected to the internet every hour (!?) – this will include devices from your staff!

Ask yourself…

How many devices are your recruiters bringing into work every day?

95% of attacks come from email!


Ransomware attacks and data security breaches are a common news item in your feeds.  Is your Recruitment business safe, when what you trade in is simply data?

In this episode of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast, I’m joined by Francis West from Westtek.  He is passionate about creating awareness for recruiters to help them secure their data (and thus businesses).

We talked about:

  • What does cyber security actually mean?

  • What risks / bad practices does Francis see in recruitment businesses? And what is the biggest cyber security risk to recruitment?

  • What do you need to do about “unknown threats”?

  • What have onions got to do with cyber security?

  • What cyber security tips does Francis have for recruitment companies?

Recruiters are data-junkies and rightly so – here’s another podcast which can help you with recruitment data and monetising your CRM.

Read more about how we work with recruitment leaders to generate ROI from recruitment technology strategy and recruitment training.

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Thanks, Francis, for being such a great guest on my Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast.



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