Adapt Smackdown 3: Return of the MAMIL - Time to Sell!


Recruiters! Blitz your business development with your Adapt CRM. Make fewer cold calls and more placements!

Discover awesome Adapt hacks to help you recruit faster and smash your business development KPIs. Work smarter, keep track of your leads and understand how your Adapt CRM can help you make more money!

​Recruiters! Make More Money with Adapt!

We ran this webinar for recruiters looking to improve their business development tactics. We were joined by two of the Adapt trainers in the UK for a “smackdown” where they competed to share their top tips helping you:

  • Make fewer cold calls

  • Never miss a lead or job

  • Develop and retain client relationships

We talked about lead generation, business development, account management, recruitment workflows and time management!

Watch the webinar!

This webinar was the third in our Adapt Smackdown series. Watch the previous Adapt webinars here:

Part 1: How to Manage your Recruitment Desk: A great webinar to help you become super effective at your desk and generate more of the 4Cs - candidates, clients, colleagues, and cash.

Part 2: 4 Hacks to Manage your Recruiters Through Adapt: Managers need more time, and they need data to manage their staff. Adapt has some great tools to help recruitment managers and leaders drive growth.

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