Recruitment Leaders! You Could Save £10,000 a Year!


Are you in the majority of recruitment leaders losing your mind (and hair) over the amount of recruiters leaving your business, and the productivity of the recruiters who stay?​​

You need to make more money, you need better candidates, you need more effective paying clients and you need your recruiters to be more effective in their roles.

Are You Training Your Recruiters Effectively?

With the generation change in the workforce comes new challenges. It's not just enough to tell your recruiters to pick the phone up and start selling anymore. Around 50% of the market say that they are unhappy in their jobs, and with unhappy staff comes increased leaver rates. Did you know that 2/3rds of recruiters are quitting because they feel that they don't have knowledge or proper equipment to recruit effectively?

The industry is losing around £180bn on training. That isn't to say you shouldn't train your recruiters - you absolutely need to. But you need to train smarter.

We went to the Recruitment Agency Expo on Thursday 3rd October to present on...

  • Training your staff to prevent them from quitting.

  • Getting recruiters to use the systems you’re blowing your profit on.

  • Understanding why recruiters stay in a business, and why they leave

  • Recognising how your recruiters learn

  • Discovering what recruitment businesses can do to ensure that the training they’ve paid for sticks.

  • Finding out the benefits of online learning.

I also touched on why simply buying recruitment training courses will not make the difference you need to ensure your staff are happy and effective. And I covered how you can be in control of what your recruiters learn and how they can deliver “your way”.

And if, as a recruitment leader, you are looking to hire more recruiters, as well as retain those you already have, I touched on some great ideas to help you with your own recruitment strategy.

Watch this One Minute Video to Find Out More

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