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Recruiters and recruitment leaders tell me all the time that they are suffering from a lack of data. The so-called candidate shortage combined with an overload of crap data on CRM systems means that recruiters often shun the CRM in favour of hunting down more candidates from LinkedIn and job boards… even if that means they’re searching for candidates who are already on the CRM. Vicious circle!

So how do you monetise your recruitment CRM effectively?

Too Much Marketing, Not Enough Sales?

70% of the candidates you source on LinkedIn, and 70% of candidates who apply for jobs are already on your recruitment CRM.

How can you and your team of recruiters be more targeted on LinkedIn so that you gain more phone and face time?

In this episode of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast, I’m joined by Adam Gordon from Candidate.ID.  He has been in recruitment for nearly 20 years, starting as a recruiter, then spotted a problem – “too much data and not enough information”.

We talked about:

  • How can you tell when a candidate is actually looking for a job?

  • How can I generate a list of warm calls?

  • Lead scoring (for both candidates and clients) and how this can be automated to help recruiters see the wood for the trees – ie. sales qualified leads!

  • How many different sources of information does a candidate look at before applying for a job?

  • What does marketing need to do to get trust from sales?

  • How can we get recruiters to “pick up the phone” and make more sales calls? And call more candidates?

  • How can we do more with fewer systems?

  • With the vast majority of recruitment businesses having only 1 marketer, how do they create a high performing marketing team of 1?

  • How can you make a marketing function a profit, not a cost centre?

  • What should the ratio of marketer to sales person be?

  • Which “cool marketing tool” does Adam really rate?

I got the opportunity to use all of my mantras:

​We also mention a podcast I did with Greg Savage on improving the value of your business, which you can listen to here.

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Thanks, Adam, for being such a great guest on my Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast.

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