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Recruitment Marketing in the Coronavirus - Be A Hero!


Covid19 has created one hell of a distraction for my clients in the recruitment industry (if ever that was an understatement!) Marketing, now more than ever, needs to deliver REAL ROI into recruitment businesses, but what exactly needs to be done?

I've been talking about the colouring-on department (aka Marketing) for some years now, and was delighted when Simon from Members Only invited me to speak to his community of recruitment leaders and marketers.

Green shoots are starting to show, though it remains a challenging time.

  • Recruitment Leaders: You need to make marketing drive your sales pipelines, but either have no marketer, have a furloughed marketer or perhaps a marketer working from home.

  • Marketers: Whether you have been furloughed, or are working from home, you’ll need to stay skilled and add value to a distracted sales team in your recruitment business. Perhaps you've been made redundant - now more than ever, your skills need to be your focus.

I talked about my ideas to help you focus on the immediate future of your recruitment business, and recruitment marketing job – and how marketing can add genuine value to sales pipelines. These come from my Recruitment Marketing Training and the data, sales, and marketing projects I have worked on with recruiters who use a CRM like Bullhorn and Adapt.

Are you a:

  • Recruitment Leader who needs marketing tactics to help boost your pipelines as the economy begins to restart?

  • Recruitment Marketer who has either been furloughed or is working from home and needs tactics to turbo boost sales pipelines either now, or when you get back to work?

  • Recruitment Marketer who has been made redundant and needs to up-skill and improve your value to new employers?

It’s time to focus on positive and effective methods to help you make a difference to your '3Cs': Candidates, Clients, and Colleagues.

Oh, and you need to remain focused on what marketing can and should achieve – the 4th 'C' - CASH!

Key takeaways:

  1. How can sales and marketing work together and be smart in this turbulent time – especially when you are all geographically disconnected and working from home?

  2. How, as a furloughed (or even “redundant” marketer) can you stay focused on your profession and how it can genuinely add value to a distracted / stressed recruitment sector?

Watch the Recruitment Marketing Webinar


PS. in the webinar I mentioned some resources that you can have to improve your sales and marketing processes.

And if you want the persona template I mention in the webinar, contact me here

And here are the slides if you need them.


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