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3 Ways to Help Recruiters Who Use Bullhorn Get Back on the Phone


​Recruiters need more phone time. In fact, “Why can’t they just get on the phone?” is the common mantra of many of the recruitment leaders that we work with, and with Covid creating distractions, and holes in recruitment sales pipelines, picking up the phone has never been more important. If you use Bullhorn (and indeed the amazing Herefish) here are 3 tips to help you make more of the right calls!

The recruitment process has become unfit. Too much data and too many systems makes the recruitment process sluggish at best…

In fact 72% of placements made last year were with data you already had on your Bullhorn Recruitment CRM before you sourced it elsewhere. 13 hours a week spent sourcing candidates you already have… crazy!

My team creates Bullhorn Training tips every month to help recruiters to improve their time management, sales and sourcing “fitness” – HIIT, high intensity interval training, is our mantra. I want to give you a PT session for Bullhorn, and other great rectec to help you improve your sales and sourcing fitness… Ready?

Let’s take some measurements first, Recruiters!

5 Vital Stats to Focus You On Recruitment Sales Fitness

Improving your sales pipeline can be time consuming… but the data says a lot about where you need to focus your recruitment training, and time.

  1. It takes on average 18 calls to engage a new client.

  2. 50% of your leads are likely to be a poor fit for you.

  3. 80% of leads need at least 5 follow ups before conversion.

  4. The probability of selling to existing customers = 60-70%. Whereas new clients – 5%!

  5. Recruiters who use their CRM (Adapt / Bullhorn) effectively can improve productivity by 34% and sales by 29%

3 Tips for Recruiter to Get Fit for Phone Calls and Sales!

Our Recruitment HIIT on demand Recruitment training is designed for time-starved recruiters to take control of their sourcing and sales effectiveness and make small but effective changes to their workflows in 5-10minute videos.

Here are 3 HIIT you can use to help you get sales-fit and make more of those critical phone calls!

1. Use Bullhorn Submissions to Get the Best Candidates First and Speed Up Time to Placement

2. Our Bullhorn Tip for Speedy BD and Recruitment Sales

3. This one isn’t specific to Bullhorn, but boy/girl does it pack a punch for recruitment sales!

It will give you a massive edge on your competition! And miraculously, get the candidates (and clients) you want to speak to calling YOU!

Recruiters! Go for the Afterburn!

It’s crucial that this year you’re focused on being a more effective recruiter. You need short, sharp HIIT to help you improve your recruiting fitness. You can then benefit from those delicious endorphins and afterburn!

Talking of Recruiters Making More Sales...

Could you save your recruiters 30 days a year, so they can bill more? Or maybe hire less recruiters?

Best Bullhorn, Herefish, Adapt, Recruitment Training

Our high intensity interval training - Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters source, convert quicker, and develop healthy pipelines, and recruitment marketers attract, engage, and retain candidates, generate clients, and colleagues (3Cs).




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