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4 Minutes for Recruitment Marketing to Generate Real ROI


​Recruitment Leaders, and their Marketers, need to get ready for 2021. You need to develop higher expectations of what recruitment marketing can and should achieve. Here’s a pep talk that I gave at the beginning of the recent APSCo Marketing Forum.

4 Minutes for Recruitment Marketing to Generate Real ROI

Even before Covid, getting your head around how sales and marketing could be more connected was a challenge:

  1. Data

  2. Systems

  3. Process

  4. People

... were often misaligned. And FOMO meant that best practice sales-led marketing was sacrificed in favour of “Quick! Throw something at the wall!”.

And with our sectors rapidly evolving, learning and development has never been more important. Staying up to speed with best practice use of marketing and sales tech and data is going to be a crucial goal for 2021.

As a sales and marketing mentor in recruitment, I know that there's lots of change happening in the industry. Right now there's lots of positive tech and best practice ideas; recruitment automation and data monetisation has never been more important. Are your sales and marketing teams geared up? Or are you simply spending your profits on technology and data storage?

Recruitment Marketing and Sales is a Time Game

The thing you have to focus on is how can you generate more time for your recruiters to be effective, and you need more time to make changes to your business.

You need more time to either hire or training your experienced staff to be more effective. So fixate on small changes that you might be able to make to your business (or even large ones) to create more time, because that's where you're going to be able to build more become a much more stable business.

Recruitment Marketing and Sales is a Numbers Game

Look at the stats I share in the video below. Think:

  • Data-based selling

  • Less time sourcing

  • More time retaining

  • Lead generation

And, automating your recruitment to work less hours, bill more clients, hire less staff. - or indeed all 3!

Watch this 4 minute pep talk for recruitment leaders and marketers. Shout if you’d value a call to go through how 2021 is a moment away and could be a lot more “fun/profitable” than 2020 if you have a connected sales and marketing function.

Watch the Recruitment Marketing Pep Talk I Gave to APSCo Members

​Talking of 2021 Being Awesome...

Could you save your recruiters an hour a day, and make an extra £18,750 a year (or £187,500 if there are 10 of you?)

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