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How to Be a Laser Focussed Recruiter


Recruiters, you need to be productive so you can stay laser focussed on your candidates, your clients and BD.  But  how, if you only have 75 minutes of undistracted, productive working time per day?

Our recruitment training platform, Recruitment HIIT has tips and tricks to help you use powerful recruitment tools like Bullhorn, SourceBreaker, Hinterview, Paiger, etc…and also more generic but crucial tools like Microsoft Teams and Calendly.

What Could You Do with an Extra 4 Hours a Week? 

By being super effective with Teams and Calendly – you can save up to 4 hours a week. What would you do with that time?

  • More and better phone calls?

  • Stronger job adverts?

  • Longer lunch breaks?

  • More time to manage your staff and candidates/clients?

Microsoft Teams is more than simply a video tool, and Calendly is a fantastic tool to help you fill your diary with the best calls.

Our Recruitment Training tips will show you how you can use this powerful tool to boost your recruitment workflow and drown out the noise that may be robbing you of your time. 

  1. Are you wasting too much time on admin tasks? 

  2. Do you need to save time so you can generate more of the 4Cs? 

  3. Do you need a quick and easy process to help you engage your candidates and clients?

 Our latest Recruitment HIIT will show you how to:  

  1. Increase your productivity – so more phone and face (and sales!) time!

  2. Save up to 4 hours a week so you can focus on your 3Cs (candidates, clients, colleagues)

  3. Create meetings clients and candidates want to (and will) attend 

Watch Our 1-Minute Microsoft Teams – What’s in It for You?

See How to Use Calendly to Get Your Candidates and Clients Booking Your Diaries

Then setup your free Recruitment HIIT trial – and start saving at least an hour a day! (What would you do with 6 working weeks a year?)

The Coolest Recruitment Tool is the Recruiter 

Our high intensity interval training -  Recruitment HIIT - helps recruiters source, convert quicker and develop healthy pipelines. We aim to save every recruiter and resourcer at least 1 hour per day - more billing time, more fees! 




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