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How Can Recruiters Weaponise Their People, Data, and Process?


​I'm delighted that APSCo asked me to deliver an Insight Webinar: The topic?

How to improve performance with people, data, and process.

Recruitment can either be an "everything, everywhere, all at once" numbers game, or it can be a sophisticated process delivered by niche experts who weaponise tech and data to deliver a solid and predictable pipeline.

Recruiting this year means knowing how to engage with automation, data, and AI. Plus, you will need to secure your position as a key success factor to your clients' businesses and your candidates' life chances and careers.

Technology should be making recruitment easier, but it's also made it more complex for many of you.

It's time to get more productive and improve performance.

Watch a recording of our webinar where the key takeaways were:

  1. How can recruiters engage with Kaizen to drive stronger pipelines?

  2. Where can you improve performance?

  3. How can you weaponise your data and tech to improve performance?

  4. The differences between automation and AI - and how this may impact your recruitment business.

  5. What you should automate without delay.

  6. What is the coolest recruitment tool?

  7. What parts of your recruitment workflow you need to humanise, and how.

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