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Bullhorn Hotlists Rock and Save Recruiters Time!
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Bullhorn Hotlists Rock and Save Recruiters Time!

You’re about to watch this short video as you’re a clever recruiter or resourcer who wants to be more efficient with your use of Bullhorn.  In this short clip we’ll be looking at a fantastic feature called Hotlists, also known as Tearsheets. Have you ever wanted to create a list of candidates who would be ideal for one of your… Read more »

How to Buy a Recruitment CRM When You Have No Intention of Using It

Here at Barclay Jones I am super busy helping recruiters review and update their recruitment software, which emphasises our belief that 2015 is the year of the CRM! Interestingly though, most of the recruitment leaders I come across are never likely to actually interact daily with the system they are investing in – and this can cause issues…. Read more »

linkedin recommendations

I’m a Recruiter, I Don’t Ask for Recommendations!

As a recruiter you may think you have LinkedIn ‘nailed’ – lots of connections and the odd status update and countless job updates… sound familiar? Well, it’s definitely a start but what would REALLY thrust you into the LinkedIn limelight in front of current and prospective connections (candidates and clients)? Well how about a nice big, fat,… Read more »

recruitment technology

How to Stuff up Recruitment Technology Projects (Part 2)

I blogged recently about how Recruitment Technology projects easily fall foul of a lack of planning, objectives – if ever there was an obvious statement!. There are other risks to a these projects which can cause massive disruption, increased costs and overall prevent recruitment businesses from achieving their growth targets. These are often people related. People can really… Read more »

linkedin training

Keeping your LinkedIn Contacts Warm in 60 Seconds per Day

So the noise of the internet and social media has replaced the noise of the busy recruitment office. It used to be 150 recruiters squeezed into an office big enough for 10 people, enough space around your chair to push back to go to the loo, no pcs, lots of paper, lots of white shirts (with coloured… Read more »

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