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imperative people

“I liked the energy, enthusiasm and “we can do this” attitude that came from Lisa and her team, and how they analysed our business and checked our processes against the Bullhorn workflows.”

Luke Quinn, Managing Director
Imperative People

How Did We Help?

Imperative People are long established expert recruitment specialists, recruiting IT professionals into a broad spectrum of IT Jobs across the UK and EMEA.

Imperative People were assessing their strategy, process and recruitment technology after some internal staffing changes. They wanted to review their current usage of Bullhorn and develop their knowledge and understanding of how best to adapt their CRM to support their process. They wanted an expert partner to provide advice and suggestions after reviewing their setup and reassurance that they were working in an effective way.

We provided training and consultation on their Bullhorn CRM to help them understand the full capabilities of their recruitment CRM. We showed them how they could use Bullhorn to recruit more effectively and provided training to fix some of the issues they had using the system.

We then worked with them to create an action plan to help them work on improving their workflows, field layout, data and processes.

The subsequent suggestions will increase efficiency, assist with legislative change and ultimately lead to more sales!

We worked closely with the team and reviewed their process, assessed their CRM configuration and data quality and provided feedback on ways to improve how they interact with their CRM and other recruitment technology.

Lisa Jones, Director
Barclay Jones

What Is the ROI?

We had been using Bullhorn for some years, but I knew that we could be using it more effectively. We needed support to help us get the best out of the product.

We were considering moving to a different recruitment system and wanted to ensure that we were using Bullhorn effectively before making a disruptive change.

We were curious about working with someone who was impartial and could offer neutral advice about recruitment CRM; Barclay Jones helped opened our eyes as to what we could use our Bullhorn for.

The team felt that they were in good hands and we now have a clearer idea about Bullhorn integrations and how to use the system effectively. There were crucial elements of the system that were not set up well, but that we are now using correctly.

I liked the energy, enthusiasm and “we can do this” attitude that came from Lisa and her team, and how they analysed our business and checked our processes against the Bullhorn workflows.

Barclay Jones in three words? Friendly, informative and consultative.

Luke Quinn, Managing Director
Imperative People

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