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Matrix Recruitment

Improved Adapt Usage Delivering Recruitment Process
matrix recruitment adapt training barclay jones

“We wanted to work with Barclay Jones because they are the best.
We needed an Adapt Training process tailored to us, and we got it.”

Elaine McKeown

Matrix Recruitment

How Did We Help?

Matrix Recruitment are based in Ireland and specialise in accountancy, financial services, engineering, manufacturing, quality & laboratory, supply chain, human resources, office support & IT and sales & marketing recruitment.

They wanted an Adapt specialist to assess their use of Adapt Recruitment CRM and what ROI they were getting from it. They wanted to know where they could improve data, process and recruiter engagement, and then have the support to help deliver new recruitment process.

They wanted a centralised process across all of their recruiting branches.   Their goal was more efficient operations, better performance visibility, improved business development, and staff retention.

We delivered an Adapt Engagement Discovery which included:

  • A training needs analysis (TNA) across all users in the business
  • A review of their Adapt recruitment system
  • Consultations with key users

We then followed with a 2-day Adapt Train the Trainer program which included:

  • Advanced Adapt user training
  • Training on pre-identified user issues
  • Planning, delivery and evaluation of Adapt training

Sarah said:

There was not one point where I felt my attention and enthusiasm fading. He achieved all objectives that we had set out in our training needs analysis.  The hints and tips he provided are definitely something we will be introducing company-wide.  I would highly recommend Luke and  Barclay Jones to facilitate your recruitment systems training.

Overall,  we up-skilled key users on Adapt so that they could improve recruitment process and recruiter adoption of Adapt.

luke lynam adapt recruitment trainer png

I thoroughly enjoyed working on this project with Matrix Recruitment. Their team were very engaged with all elements of the project and demonstrated a real drive to not only fully understand how they can use Adapt in the most effective way but to ensure they deliver first class training internally.

Luke Lynam, Recruitment Trainer
Barclay Jones

What Is the ROI?

We wanted to work with Barclay Jones because they are the best.  We needed an Adapt Training process tailored to us, and we got it.

We needed to fully understand the Adapt Recruitment System we had and how to improve how our recruiters use it.  We also wanted to understand the more hidden parts of the Adapt system, so we could deliver our own training.

The Train the Trainer workshops were brilliant.  We absolutely loved it.  We couldn’t speak better of the trainer.  It was thoroughly enjoyable, interactive, collaborative.  Everyone was enjoying, engaging, participating.

We now have a clear process of how we are going to use and train our Adapt CRM.  We have an increased confidence and knowledge of the system.  We have had our abilities boosted and have a mapped out process to take to our recruiters.

Elaine-Mckeown adapt training barclay jonesElaine McKeown,
Matrix Recruitment

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