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“The Barclay Jones team provided highly effective Adapt training sessions, and they are massively respected by my team.”

Will Fossey, International Development Director

How Did We Help?

NRL provides recruitment, training, rail maintenance and Non-Destructive testing (NDT) services to the technical, engineering and construction industries.

They approached Barclay Jones as they wanted to increase the ROI of their Adapt V11 CRM. We reviewed their workflows, understood their goals and provided training to ensure buy-in to the system and ROI.

The training was tailored specifically to each of their branches so that the teams got the maximum benefit from each session. This involved a blend of face to face training sessions for the UK branches and webinars for the international team.

Rose Megson, Recruitment Technology Trainer
Barclay Jones

What is The ROI?

We came to Barclay Jones with two main goals. Firstly we wanted to reignite the user base, and achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency. In addition to this we wanted to get users to start thinking about how else the system could support them. We knew we weren’t using all of Adapt’s capabilities and wanted to unlock its full potential.

If I had to describe my experience working with Barclay Jones I would use the words: supportive, engaging and competent.

The help and guidance from Barclay Jones has enabled us to compete more efficiently. Our consultants can now search smarter, access data quicker and we have better visibility of activity. The Barclay Jones team provided highly effective training sessions, and as such they are massively respected by my team.

Will Fossey, International Development Director

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