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Adapt Training - Recruitment CRM ROI
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“I really haven’t seen the team so engaged with our Adapt systems before; I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer for the job.”

Catherine Young, Office Manager
Totum Partners

How Did We Help?

Totum Partners are an executive recruitment business based in London who specialise in placing mid-senior level talent into the legal profession.

They upgraded their CRM to the current version of Adapt from an older product, Adapt V9. With their Go-Live date approaching, they required all members of staff to be fully trained on the new recruitment CRM so they could ensure speedy recruitment process and ROI. Without a well-delivered recruitment training plan, they knew that their team wouldn’t have been able to service their legal clients and source their candidates effectively.

We delivered new user Adapt training to 16 recruitment consultants. We studied their current usage and advised on what changes needed to be made – this helped us create bespoke CRM training workshops.

Our Adapt recruitment CRM training has allowed them to maximise the full range of features within their system. Areas we covered on the training included managing data, searching, task management and job workflow. They are now using Studios to manage their workloads, managing lead conversions and Outlook add-in to help with compliance).

The goal of the Adapt Training was to improve recruiter effectiveness whilst ensuring the business could make a stress-free transition from their old Adapt system to the new.

I had some great feedback from the team at Totum Partners:

Luke was great – he has excellent relationship-building skills and is very approachable, patient, and funny. He made a dry subject really quite enjoyable. Great bloke!

luke lynam recruitment trainer pngLuke Lynam, Recruitment Trainer
Barclay Jones


What Is the ROI?

We were going live with an updated version of Adapt and were keen to ensure that the recruiters hit the ground running with the new recruitment CRM. We wanted to reduce reliance on Outlook, and also improve data and reporting, so Erecruit (Bond International Software) recommended that we work with Barclay Jones.

Barclay Jones worked really well with our team, I really haven’t ever seen everyone so engaged with our Adapt systems before; I couldn’t have asked for a better trainer for the job. They ‘held our hands’ throughout the change.

The impact of our Adapt training? Very happy managers and recruiters. Their feedback included:

Luke’s enthusiasm and patience was incredibly welcomed within our group – we came away with a very good understanding of how the new system works but also how it will work for us as a business.

Catherine Young, Office Manager
Totum Partners

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