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TSA Recruitment

Bullhorn Recruiter Training and Recruiter Success

“We liked the way that Barclay Jones didn’t just want to help our recruiters press the Bullhorn buttons quicker – they were set on improving the desks of our teams.”

Ian Jackson, Marketing Manager
TSA Limited

What Did We Do?

TSA  are a Contract and Perm recruiter specialising in placing white collar candidates over  several sectors such as water, construction, surveying, building and trades and labour.

TSA were implementing a Bullhorn Recruitment CRM and understood that the training element of the project was a critical success factor – their recruiters and managers needed support to adopt the system and fully engage to improve speed, delivery, and ROI.  TSA were looking for a “CRMFirst” culture.

We ran a training discovery session, meeting with recruiters, managers and directors to review recruitment workflows, spotting exciting opportunities to improve their process and ensure that when Bullhorn went live the business, the recruiter experience, and not just the recruitment system, would be improved.

We developed a “TSA Way” training plan covering 6 weeks from go-live. The key to getting recruiters engaged is to show them how to recruit with Bullhorn, not simply just to show them the system.   Our Bullhorn Training Plan gave them confidence going into “go-live” with Bullhorn.  No lengthy disruptive training sessions!   Just lots of digestible, modular and relevant sessions, designed to improve recruiting process, increase speed, clean data and recruiter engagement.

Recruiters fed back that the training was “first class”, “relevant and operational” and ironically “a relief”.  We loved working with TSA – it gave us the chance to really get to know the client, their processes and add real value to what can often be a stressful, disruptive process.

Lisa JonesLisa Mari Jones Recruitment Expert, Trainer
Barclay Jones

What Is the ROI?

I wanted to make sure that our new Bullhorn CRM was implemented and rolled out to maximum effect.  The “beating heart” of the business (as Wayne calls it), was being changed and I needed to ensure we had the very best people to help in this project. Training our recruiters was critical to its success.

Barclay Jones had lots of energy and enthusiasm and experience.  They had a very tight process, but they “bespoked” their process for us and this gave us confidence. We also appreciated the way they brought ideas to the table and challenged our assumptions. We can now use Bullhorn to improve the visibility of what is going on in our business.

We liked the way that Barclay Jones didn’t just want to help our recruiters press buttons quicker – they were set on improving their desks of our teams.

They genuinely cared too!

How would I describe Barclay Jones? Professional, enthusiastic and capable.

Ian Jackson, Marketing Manager
TSA Limited

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