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​Our Adapt Training Has Helped Portfolio Use Adapt More Effectively...

The Portfolio Group provide Payroll, Credit Control, HR and Procurement recruitment solutions to clients throughout the UK.

They are a growing team who value recruitment training and specifically Adapt Training. The Management team are busy driving sales and want Adapt Training experts to help their recruiters engage with the system and its data.

We deliver regular new starter and refresher Adapt training to The Portfolio Group. We run face to face half day sessions with groups of 8 – 10 consultants on key activity such as business development, job management, sourcing and candidate management. We have trained every member of their team and we know their specific business processes.  They are a great team to
work with.

We Now Have Greater Levels of Engagement with Our Adapt CRM System...

Anthony Macey, Portfolio Group

I wanted to achieve two goals:

  1. Bring new starters up to speed on Adapt processes quickly and efficiently

  2. Give a broad refresher to my consultants who have 6-12 months experience, but who might benefit from further support

I’ve always been impressed with the level of Barclay Jones’ delivery.  They take time to learn our recruitment processes and create bespoke Adapt Training for us.

I’d describe them as transparent, supportive, engaging, knowledgeable. 

My team now have greater levels of engagement and utilisation of the system, as well as an increased search performance.

They are a committed partner due to their level of expertise, quality, professionalism, and understanding of the sector.