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Our Adapt Training Met Principal Teachers' Goals...

Principal Teachers Ltd is an independently owned, specialist provider of Education staffing and consultancy services to Schools and Academy Trusts across the North East and Yorkshire.

Principal Teachers were moving to Adapt CRM from a bespoke recruitment CRM system. All staff required full Adapt Training on how to use the new Adapt CRM effectively to maximise ROI, ready for their Go-Live date in two weeks’ time. A New User Adapt training plan was delivered to mirror their business needs and processes.

Adapt Training was delivered to ensure all staff were fully competent on the system and able to hit the ground running from day one. It was important that we demonstrated the strengths of the new Adapt Recruitment CRM to ensure the staff were engaged during training and bought into using it to its full potential.

We Are Now Using Adapt to It's Full Potential...

Becca Morgan, Principal Teachers Ltd

My aim was to keep my recruitment consultants engaged with the recruitment CRM, to ensure that I understood the system and that as a Director I would be using it in many ways. Barclay Jones was keen to understand our business objectives and fulfil them, taking the time to speak with us and then follow up to ensure the goals had been met; we really appreciate that.

The training has really helped me “unlock” the different features of the recruitment system that I have invested in for maximum ROI.

If I were to describe Barclay Jones in three words? Professional, Personable, Accessible.