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Alistair Macleod

Recruitment HIIT Product Manager

I manage and innovate Recruitment HIIT - our on demand training platform

... from post-production of recruitment and marketing training videos, to building eLearning courses for Recruitment HIIT.

I’ve had a wide variety of roles in the media industry since my Professional Sound and Video Technology degree – assisting the sound department on Countdown, producing travel adverts for Thailand and Camp America, developing websites and interviewing politicians.

Since joining Barclay Jones, eLearning has become my speciality. The team use me as their go to for creating the best recruiter and marketer experience on the platform.

What do I get a kick out of?

I enjoy processing and manipulating data – whether it’s video and audio in software or database information in JavaScript - I like to visualise the processes I can use to produce the desired result.

​Walking and streaming

I love a long weekend of exploring outdoors with a bit and photography and videography. When I’m not exploring, I like to go to the gym, develop web apps and video games and catch up on all the latest stuff on Netflix.

Alistair Macleod