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Emily Dewsnap


I run our marketing engine, and help our experts create recruitment hacks

I've always had a passion for tech and all things geeky. My passion for advertising and marketing stems from accompanying my Mum to the ad agency where I worked during school holidays.

I've worked in media agencies, as well as doing in-house marketing for financial and law firms and recruitment seemed like a fun place to end up. 

We practice what we preach, so I apply in-house what Lisa teaches to her recruitment marketing mentees. And the added bonus of working at Barclay Jones is that it's like attending a daily marketing boot camp!

What do I get a kick out of?

I'm still incredibly geeky, so digging around in the back end of a website is my jam, and there's nothing more satisfying than being able to show tangible results from marketing strategy. 

Wrestling Don Draper

When I'm not painting, eating cheese, drinking real ale, and watching Mad Men, you can find me belting out songs or kicking around with the women from my "geek girl" book club.

My perfect day would involve a long hike in the countryside with Seth Rollins, followed by well-earned pub grub, and then off to an indie pro-wrestling match.

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