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James Parker

Online Training Specialist

I run our Recruitment Training System AKA "recruitment HIIT"

I got into eLearning by accident, liked it, so I stayed with it for 8 years. The rewards are immediate – from “go live” you can manage engagement.  Previous projects I worked on won awards and regularly exceeded revenue expectations – I am determined to not break my streak! 

At Barclay Jones I manage our online recruitment training platform (for Adapt, Bullhorn, Digital Marketing etc...).  This helps Barclay Jones to scale and our trainers to help more recruiters and recruitment marketers, whilst continuing to deliver their award-winning face-to-face training.

What do I get a kick out of?

Seeing significant uptake from training system launch is a great positive reinforcement.  Successfully managing recruiter engagement will be really exciting, and as we’re offering something different to others in recruitment training, this is an great time to be at Barclay Jones.

I am the perfect weapon!

The ultimate kick? Coffee (the stronger the better)! Followed by real ale, music, sport, railways and travel. I am learning Italian to immerse myself in their football culture, history and food... particularly the food.  And I’m partial to a quality pork pie.

I love a good pizza and Bourne Identity ("that movie"). And when I am not draining the strongest of black coffee, and hobbying as a football manager, I am dreaming of Aisling Bea.

Want to join our team? We’re hiring! Check out our job vacancy for a Recruitment Trainer here.

James Parker
James Parker