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Joni Smith

Recruitment Success Trainer

I train Recruiters on Bullhorn, Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish), Adapt, Inbound Sales, LinkedIn, Job Adverts and Email Marketing 

I’ve been training for nearly 10 years and I can genuinely say I’ve loved every minute of it. Every trainer I’ve spoken to has said that they ‘fell’ into training and it was no different for me. I’m hooked.

I’m a Recruitment Trainer. Training isn’t just about learning a new skill, it’s about continual growth and getting that fire in your belly to become a better version of yourself. I train on recruitment tech such as Bullhorn, Bullhorn Automation (AKA Herefish), and Adapt, as well as advising on recruitment process, technology strategy, and other recruitment tech systems.

Plus, I love creating the content for our Recruitment Training Portal - Recruitment HIIT.

I love seeing the difference I can make in recruiters' working lives

I love witnessing that ‘light bulb’ moment for the people I train. That moment when it all finally clicks and recruiters see for themselves exactly how recruitment systems can make life easier by making them more productive.

Game of Thrones with a Ginger Giant!

I enjoy a good crime drama, so Colombo & Vera are amongst my absolute heroes. When in not cosied up in front of the box, I like to get outdoors, the greener the better. I also manage to force myself to the gym and go for the occasional run, and am an avid writer, often found scribbling in my notebook.

My ideal day would involve frolicking around the countryside with Tormund Giantsbane, followed by scoffing a well-earned burger in front of Game of Thrones.

Want to join our team? We’re hiring! Check out our job vacancy for a Recruitment Trainer here.

Joni Smith
Joni Smith