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Luke Lynam

Recruitment Success Trainer

I train Recruiters on Adapt, Bullhorn, Inbound Sales, LinkedIn, Job Adverts and Email Marketing 

My first Job out of University in 2008 was in Recruitment - since then I have lived and breathed it and worked with very talented people in my roles: Consultant, Manager, Trainer.  Now, as a very experienced Recruitment Trainer, I get the biggest kick out of making recruiters more successful. I have configured CRM systems too, including Adapt, which really helps a lot as a CRM Trainer (and tech geek!).    

“He's a top-class trainer and proper northern bloke...”

... that's what my clients tend say about me.  When I hear that a recruiter took something they learned in one of my recruitment training sessions, and then achieved success because of it, it makes the hard work worth-while.  I would say I am an enthusiastic and passionate Trainer, who gets the opportunity to work very closely with Recruiters. I’ll work with your recruiters to improve speed and ROI. 

If only Megan Markle knew!

Two years ago I would have listed lots of fun hobbies, such as football, skiing, tennis, travelling and even HIIT workouts. Now its all about spending time with my little boy – soft play, farms and hide-and-seek. I am a Netflix junky, red wine lover, pressure washing enthusiast and Barnsley Football Club devotee.

Believe it or not, my favourite pastime is using my pressure washer. I love a job well cleaned, with pizza and a nice pint of IPA, watching Game of Thrones.

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Luke Lynam
Luke Lynam