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Deloitte TMT Predictions for 2016: What It Means for Recruitment

Deloitte Predictions for the Technology, Media and Telecoms (TMT) sectors is in its fifteenth year.

We love to pore over it and cluck like robot hens over a tech trough, examining the predictions and discussing their take on it all. With the rise of mobile and tech advances in recruitment, our industry has seen vast changes over the last 10 years – it’s a race for recruiters to keep up with the latest tech!

We love to throw our thoughts online (you might have noticed our own predictions flying around) so here are mine and Wayne’s take on the Deloitte Predictions for 2016…

Photo Sharing – The Squillions!

Deloitte predicts that in 2016 2.5 trillion photos will be shared or stored online.  (And that’s just by me!)

This is a massive 15% increase on last year.

Seriously, we’re image junkies – well actually our brains are, in that they process images 60,000 times faster than text.

This is one of the reasons that led to us creating our Adverts training course. Recruiters are still set on writing poor adverts and filling their inboxes with people who can’t read but can press Apply.

90% of the 2.5 trillion photos this year will be taken by a smartphone – our poor old decrepit cameras have been left in drawers, considered useless as they only take pictures!

Here’s a pub quiz answer you may need one day – how many photo sharing apps exist today?  2000! Tweet this

You share a photo with a post and voila – 53% more likes and 104% more comments.

Bring on the 84% more click throughs that you get with image-supported content too!  A marketer’s and recruiter’s dream!

Recruiters Need to Tackle the “Data Exclusives”

One stat which really caught my eye was that:

“26% of smart phone users will not make any traditional phone calls in a given week” Tweet this

These people are called “data exclusives” by Deloitte – sounds painful!?  Well, actually it is. The recruitment sales manager’s mantra of get on the [beeeep] phone needs to be rethought if 26% of the people you ring don’t use their phone to speak!

This stat has risen from 22% in 2015 – think about it.  When was the last time you really engaged with your mobile to make a call?  Compare your usage of the call app on your phone with that of the other (on average 200) apps on your device.

In 2015 we saw that 60% of data used on mobiles was texting, followed by instant messaging, then email etc…

This demonstrates that users want to choose when they respond – we’ve become control freaks! (Some of us were born that way!)

How are recruiters going to deal with this? Hopefully by capitalising upon it.  It’s worth making sure that your workflows are able to cope with this change in behaviour.  Something radical would need to happen to the kids we’ve brought up on voice “disabled” Wi-Fi devices to get them talking to you on their mobiles.

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