The Adapt PLAYBOOK 2020

Bullhorn has bought Adapt, but moving from Adapt may prove to be disruptive for Recruitment Leaders and Recruiters. Focusing on your coolest tool, recruiters, can only improve your business. 

If you're aiming to push that 43% attrition rate down and your placement rate up then the Adapt Playbook will be the perfect place to start! 

Adapt – Your Essential Guide to Improving Speed and Pipeline 

We've built The Adapt Playbook 2020 to help you refocus on Adapt and use it to generate speed and pipeline.  The stats speak for themselves: 

  • Continuous training improves sales by 50% 

  • Active use fo CRM improves sales by 29% and productivity by 34% 

  • 73% of recruiters tell us that they are suffering a candidate shortage. 

You need more time and a stronger pipeline of candidates and clients. 

You need to improve your CRM usage, whether it be Adapt, or Bullhorn

Watch this space – the Bullhorn Playbook is coming!