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3 Flipping Amazing Tools Every Recruitment Marketer should use to be a Hero


3 Flipping Amazing Tools Every Recruiter Marketer should use to be a HeroDigital marketers need skills like:

  • Being superhuman time-warping multi-taskers!
  • Being a techie, as well as getting offline as it’s so distracting
  • Keeping recruiters happy 24/7
  • Commercial awareness – getting and delivering ROI as well as mailers, tweets and content
  • Etc…

Technology can really help with this so I thought I’d share what I show the recruitment marketers that I mentor.  I use lots of apps and software, but there are the ones which are at the top of my list right now:

Trello – Get Organised and Effective

I’ve blogged about this before. I run Barclay Jones with it.  Not a day goes past when I say to myself (and often out loud to my team) – what would we do without Trello?

Each of our client projects is run through it as an internal project management tool.  When we start working with a new client, we create a Trello board for them and work with them through it to generate lots of lovely outcomes. It massively improves communication, visibility of activities and it means that I can focus on specific clients / projects without getting overwhelmed with all of the other tech that I am surrounded by.

So many of the recruitment marketers and techies I mentor suffer from option paralysis that this system really helps with focus and delivery. And there’s nothing like moving a card to Done to give you a smile.

This is really good on Mobile too.

Buffer – Scheduling, Time Warping and Metrics

‘nuff said by lots of others.

My team (and my clients) use either Buffer Awesome or Buffer Business.  £10/£50 a month to run some of your social streams is pennies and the benefits are huge.

Note: Never aim for a totally free real estate of social media – you’re kidding yourself if you think your time is worthless – it’s the most precious thing you have and one of the few entitles on the plant you can’t recycle!

This is also great on Mobile.

Popplet – Brainstorming, Content Creating and Generally Awesome

One of the recruitment marketers I work with introduced me to Popplet.

Seriously, I love it. It helps me get my head straight.  It’s great for brainstorming and mind mapping.

It also helps me get things in to a graphic format to help with client presentations and also ideas for my own business

What tools do you rate?  How do you stay organised?

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