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What Every Recruitment Leader Needs to Get Their Head Around

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This is a podcast for recruitment leaders who are serious about being profitable – and for leaders who want to spend a little time “on” their business, not just “in” it.
This is a fascinating episode of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast – it’s not often that you get the chance to listen to someone who has been there and done that in recruitment, is that respected in the industry, and has such practical approach.

So who am I talking about? Cardiff City fan and inspiring recruitment leader John Rose from Vered Consulting! Formerly a CEO in three different recruitment businesses, namely HudsonFiveTen and Kellan) John talked with me about his passion for recruitment and how he now is a “hands on Executive Support for Recruitment Businesses and their Leaders”.

He brings to this podcast an absolute goldmine of ideas for recruiters, recruitment leaders and recruitment marketers.

This is a “Must-Listen” Podcast

Listen to this recruitment podcast to discover:

  • What does John think every recruitment leader needs to get their head around in 2018
  • What frustrates him about recruitment leaders?
  • What does John think that Recruitment Leaders need to stop doing next year? And what do they need to do more of?
  • What KPI would John set for recruiters in 2018 – and what is the difference between an input and an output KPI?
  • We had an interesting chat about “what are recruiters really selling in 2018?”
  • What is the key to every recruitment business?
  • How can you help your recruiters to be impressive and niche?
  • John talks about recruitment awards, why he is a judge and why recruitment leaders get to take part. And what does John think that an award-winning recruitment awards submission needs?
  • What does John think is the future of the recruitment industry – is it RPO, the internet, job boards, social media, Google Jobs, AI (artificial intelligence)…?

Listen to the Podcast Below!

(Listen out for the Greyhound racing tips at the end…)

Many thanks to John Rose for being a part of our Recruitment Leader’s Podcast!

Listen to the rest of the Recruitment Leaders’ Podcast here.

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Thanks to Recruitment International for hosting!

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