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Save Hours of Time with Bond Adapt Active Search


Are you a recruiter using Bond Adapt V11 who wants to be more effective? This video will help you!

The biggest challenge currently facing Recruiters is speed of getting to the best candidates fast – faster than their competitors.

So imagine the size of a Recruiter’s smile when they discover their recruitment system turns into a super Resourcer and hand delivers new candidates to them in a list of already existing superb candidates – then taps them on the shoulder to let them know!

Well, Adapt V11 CRM does this.

This 3 minute video will save you hours of time…

Save time running the same candidate searches, match the right candidates to your open jobs and use the time saved to prep your candidates for their interview.

In this video I look at Bond Adapt v11 My Studios and demonstrate how it can be used to be an effective recruiter.

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