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We’re Bringing CRMFirst to Bullhorn Live!


Bullhorn Live 2017We’re incredibly excited to run our CRMFirst workshop at Bullhorn Live 2017! CRMFirst is our mantra – effective recruitment marketing, recruiter training and recruitment tech can create your dream – “CRMFirst“.

Bullhorn Live is a two-day event combining the best of both worlds – industry insights AND Bullhorn product training.

Want £50 off all tickets? Simply follow this link and enter the code BarclayJ for your discount!

I’ll be joining leading industry experts at Bullhorn Live to help you supercharge your recruitment business.

I’ll be revealing the impact of a CRMFirst strategy, give some practical tips on how to implement it, whilst futureproofing for the latest trends, legislation and increased competition.

Relationship economy, GDPR, recruiting innovation and business-growth: your Recruitment CRM should tackle all of these.

It’s time recruitment businesses put their “CRMFirst” to increase profitability and business value. 90% of recruitment leaders expect their recruitment CRM to be first port of call for their staff. In reality, only 17% of recruiters actually use their CRM as their starting point. This leads to dirty data, increased risk and low ROI.

Join this session to understand the impact of a CRMFirst strategy, get some practical tips on how to implement it, whilst futureproofing for the latest trends, legislation and increased competition

Bullhorn Live 2017 is the perfect place to learn how to grow your business in our New Relationship Economy. Recruitment industry experts will reveal their strategies to navigate the myriad of social, technological, and economic changes impacting global recruitment and how your agency can stay competitive.

Ready to see ROI from recruitment tech and marketing?

Want to grow your recruitment business with a CRMFirst strategy?


Click here to read more about CRMFirst

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